Sarusungu School Receives Fish Sarusungu School Receives Fish


By Michael Mutonga Liswaniso


Over 600 vulnerable school going children of the Sarusungu Combined School were beneficiaries of more than 100 tonnes of fish that was availed by the Rundu based Yollas Fish Shop in Rundu June. The pledge was made available because of the vulnerability the Rundu-urban constituency but rural environment that the school going children find themselves in. 
The school has no hostel and It came to light that over 1 800 of the children that are currently schooling at the school, more than 600 of them are highly poverty stricken vulnerable members of society while others are mostly orphans.
“I don’t have much parental support but these similar pledges plays a big role in my life and I am very much happy,” said Kameya Dellem the learner at the school.
According to Gunther Von-Froncois, the owner of the fish shop, the donation will be a monthly social commitment that his shop will commit to the school.
“I need to give a chance to the vulnerable children to go to school with a tummy,” said Von-Froncois.
This is the third time in a year the fish shop has donated to the school.
“We are very thankful to the businessman for this kind donation and his promises of a monthly pledge,” so jointly said the Kavango East Local Authority Councilor for the Rundu town council, Isaac Kandingu and the school councilor Lydia Kwandu.
Sarasungu Combimbed School is located 5 kilomters east of Rundu.

Rundu’s local authority councilor, Isaac Kandingu (Right) receives a box of the donated consignment of fish from Gunther Von-Froncois, the owner of the Yollas Fish Shop in Rundu last week. Some of the donated consignment.